Our Asia Pass only includes Intrepid 18 to 29s trips in Asia. Our 18 to 29s trips in Japan and Borneo and our Epic South East Asia trip (TTYAC) are excluded from the Pass.

If you’d like to go to Japan or Borneo, we can help you book these separately to your Asia Pass at the current available price.

There are two different Asia Pass options.

The 60-day Pass allows the traveller 60 days’ worth of travel on Intrepid 18 to 29s trips, to be used within 90 days of the departure of your first trip.

The 90-day Pass allows the traveller 90 days’ worth of travel on Intrepid 18 to 29s trips, to be used within 120 days of the departure of your first trip.

The Asia Pass validity starts from the departure date of the first trip you travel on, not the date you purchase it.

No, you are responsible for arranging and paying for any required flights, but our airfares team are always on hand to book flights for you. The Asia Pass does not include any additional accommodation, transfers or sightseeing – but we’re very happy to book them all for you.

You can book as many trips as you want, providing they fit into the number of days on the Asia Pass you purchased.

For your first trip you will need to choose an Intrepid Asia 18 to 29s trip departing within 45 days of when you'd like to start your travels.If you’d like to travel to India or China for your first trip, you will need to book at least 15 days before your selected trip departs to ensure we are able to purchase you a train ticket as part of the trip itinerary. Japan, Borneo and the Epic South East Asia (TTYAC) trips are excluded from Asia Passes.

Unfortunately you cannot join the trip part way through you need to meet the leader and group at the beginning of the trip.  However you can leave a trip early, but you will forfeit the unused trip days. For example, if you are on a 15-day trip and you decide to leave on day 10, you will still have 15 days deducted from your Asia Pass.

If you really loved one of the trips you did, you can definitely do it again. You just need to make sure there is availability on the departure and you have enough days left on your Pass.

All of your trips can be booked within 45 from each trip’s departure date. Please keep in mind that the list of available trips can change daily and the final date for booking also varies for each trip. If you have your eye on a particular departure, you should book it 45 days from the departure date to secure your place. If you’re travelling to India or China, you will need to book at least 15 days before your selected trip departs to ensure we are able to purchase you a train ticket as part of the trip itinerary.

If you have already decided which trips you want to do, please email asiapass@intrepidtravel.com with the trip names and the departure dates that suit you. Our team will be in touch shortly to confirm your bookings.

If you need some help deciding which trips to do, please email our team and they can help you plan your holiday.

No, you can book your trips any time within 45 days before the departure date, from anywhere in the world! If you’re travelling to India or China, you will need to book at least 15 days before your selected trip departs to ensure we are able to purchase you a train ticket as part of the trip itinerary.  To book a trip please email us at asiapass@intrepidtravel.com

Either – you can book your trips as you go, or book them all at once (providing it’s within 45 days of the trips departing).

There is no refund for unused days, so we recommend you plan your trips to get the most out of it. 

You can’t extend an existing pass, but you can always buy a second 60 day or 90 day Pass.  If you are on a 60 day Pass and would like to upgrade to a 90 day Pass, you just need to pay the difference in price between the two Passes. Your 60 day Pass must still be valid when you upgrade to 90 days.

If you just want to travel for an extra week or two, check out our last-minute specials page on our website for the best deals on trips departing shortly. 

To activate your Pass, you must book your first trip and stick to it. After that first trip, it’s fine to book your subsequent trips in any order, providing they fit into the 60 or 90 day Pass. Please note you can only book your subsequent trips 45 days from their departure date

No, the Asia Pass is only valid for Intrepid 18 to 29s trips in Asia (excluding Japan and Borneo).

No, you don’t. When you buy your Asia Pass you can pay our normal deposit of AUD 99 and the full payment will be due when you book your first trip. But, if you’d rather get it out of the way, you can pay in full when you purchase your Asia Pass.

Your Asia Pass only activates when you start travelling on a trip. You can cancel a trip within seven days of booking it if you change your mind.

No, the trips are exactly the same. You will be travelling on our normal trips, with other travellers who might be booked on an Asia Pass too, or might have just booked a regular trip. The only difference between you and them is the way you booked.

We know that many of you will already be travelling when you start booking trips and we don’t want you to have to pay for expensive phone call charges to get in touch with us from overseas. Our dedicated Asia Pass team are contactable via email between 8:30am and 7pm AEST.

At this stage, the Asia Pass can’t be used for online bookings but it’s something we’re working on.

An Intrepid representative will be in touch with you within 24 hours. During Australian business hours you will receive a response in a matter of hours.

Our team are contactable between 8:30am and 7pm AEST every day, so it’s unlikely that the trip you want to book will fill up between the time you email us and the time our team get back to you.  However, should this occur, our team will recommend the closest alternative.

If the activity you’re interested in is in our Optional Activity trip list, your leader can sort this out for you on the trip – just let them know you’re interested in the activity on Day 1 of your trip so they can organise it. 

If it’s an activity that is not on our Optional Activity list, please email us at asiapass@intrepidtravel.com and we’ll look into it for you.

All inclusions are listed in individual trip itineraries. Generally, all transport, accommodation and your local leader are included, as well as some meals and activities.

It could be as simple as the next few upcoming trips in the country you are looking at are all sold out. Or there may be no trips running due to seasonal reasons – for example, we won’t send you to places during the wet season or typhoon season. Make sure you do your own research on where you want to travel and ensure you use your Asia Pass during the best months for you, or speak to our Asia Pass specialists. If you have your heart set on a particular trip or destination, we recommend locking this in 45 days before the trip departure to maximise availability.

Your friend can book online, call us directly, email us or contact their travel agent to book onto the trip and they will pay the current available price of the trip they’d like to travel on. Make sure they know which trip you are doing and most importantly, the departure date.  Our trips are twin share, so if you’d like to share a room, please make sure you or your friend lets us know so we can accommodate this. 

Yes, you can change your mind provided it’s within seven days of booking your trip. If you change your mind eight or more days after you’ve booked, the trip you wish to cancel will still be deducted from your Asia Pass.

Of course, our Asia Pass specialists would be more than happy to help.  If you’re still in Australia you can call them to chat on 1300 797 010 or you can email them at asiapass@intrepidtravel.com.   

No, please book your trips directly through Intrepid Travel by contacting us on 1300 797 010 in Australia or by emailing us at asiapass@intrepidtravel.com.

Hop-On-Hop-Off passes are generally about getting you from A to B.  Our Asia Pass is about going on trips, which means your accommodation, transport, some meals and sightseeing as per the itinerary are included. You will be travelling with up to 16 other 18 to 29-year olds on each trip, meaning even if you’re a solo traveller you will have built-in travel buddies. But the biggest advantage to the Asia Pass is the local leader you will have with you on each trip, who can show you the hidden gems of the destination you’re visiting.

No, the Asia Pass price is consistent year-round because it’s already such good value.

Yes you can, but you will incur a AUD 130 administration fee per trip that you wish to switch and our standard booking and refund conditions apply.

Refer to your trip notes for all sorts of important information, including joining instructions. These will have been emailed to you, or you can download them from the trip page on our website.

Your trip leader may be able to give you some advice about your next trip, but you must book all trips by emailing asiapass@intrepidtravel.com or calling 1300 797 010 from Australia.

No, the Asia Pass is excluded from our Legends Program.

Visas are your responsibility and will depend on which countries you are going to. Some places like India do require a visa before you arrive, so please do your research on the countries you’d like to visit. You can find information about visas on the country pages of our website or you can visit Smart Traveller. Our team can also guide you if you contact them by emailing asiapass@intrepidtravel.com or calling 1300 797 010 from Australia.

Yes, comprehensive travel insurance is compulsory on all Intrepid trips. You must have your policy number and emergency contact details for your insurer to present at each trip’s welcome meetings.

It varies. Our maximum group size is 16, but our average group size is 10 people.

Yes, you must be between the ages of 18 to 29 inclusive on the first day of your trip.

No, they are not, but our team are happy to arrange any for you in addition to your Asia Pass. Simply contact us by emailing asiapass@intrepidtravel.com or book your own at www.urbanadventures.com.