Before you book a trip with Intrepid Travel, please take the time to read and understand what terms and conditions apply to your booking. For most of our trips, you will be booking directly with Intrepid so our Standard Booking Conditions and any applicable Special Conditions will apply. Please note that there are two versions of the Standard Booking Conditions depending on what location you are booking from.

These conditions apply to bookings made from 18 October 2021 onwards, including new bookings made with credit vouchers issued following trip cancellations.

If you booked your trip prior to 18 October 2021, the Booking Conditions you agreed to when you made your booking still apply. Previous versions available upon request.

With some of our specialist trips and travel products, Intrepid partners with carefully selected travel operators. In these circumstances, the Agency Booking Conditions apply to your booking, which will also be subject to the Operator’s Terms and Conditions. This currently applies to the following: