Look to the skies. Whether you want to experience the power of a total eclipse, chase a meteor shower or see the wondrous Northern Lights, you can join an astronomy tour and witness some of the most extraordinary astronomical events off earth.

Follow our acclaimed astronomers, such as Dr John Mason, as they guide you through the stars at night. Travel to wild and remote destinations in search of clear skies and breathtaking environments. And enjoy exciting activities by day. Our ‘out of this world’ trips for everyone, from avid astronomers to amateur star gazers.

Northern Lights

Perhaps the most stunning astronomical sight in the world, seeing the Northern Lights is truly unforgettable. The great swirls of green light dance across the sky to dazzling effect.

Meet our expert

Dr John Mason

John has won a reputation for his tremendous enthusiasm and inspirational lecturing style. The principal lecturer in astronomy at the Southdowns Planetarium (UK), he regularly appears on television and radio. Those who have heard him speak never forget what they have learnt. John is one of the most experienced followers of eclipses and the Northern Lights.

Astronomy Tours

13 Days From €3,170

From Chicago, home of Yerkes Observatory and Fermilab, this trip heads across the US to...