The safety of our passengers, leaders and operators is a major priority of Intrepid.

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With this in mind, we monitor world events very closely. Intrepid makes operations decisions based on informed advice from a number of sources.

1. The Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT)

For any Intrepid-operated trip, if DFAT’s advisory is at ‘Do Not Travel’ then Intrepid will either cancel the trip or reroute the itinerary to avoid the areas concerned.


2. Staff on the ground

With over 400 leaders on the ground in operational destinations and subsidiary companies in our main hub cities, Intrepid has access to an up-to-the-minute flow of information regarding the mood and feeling within the countries we work in. We are also in regular contact with the various operators we use. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of their various areas is vital.

3. Other government travel advisories

Most countries’ governments provide their own travel advice. See below for links to some of the larger ones:

Current updates

Large scale protests continue in Hong Kong. On 12th Aug, all flights were cancelled as of 4pm due to the large protest and gathering in the airport. Today, there have been reports of military trucks assembling at the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Another unauthorised protest in the airport is reported to have been planned for today. We currently don't have any groups in Hong Kong but will travel to Guangzhou instead of Hong Kong on the groups planned to travel there before the 18th Aug. We are advising our travellers to change their departure flight from Hong Kong to Guangzhou and closely monitoring the situation for future groups. Our current trips are otherwise not affected.

Large-scale demonstrations have been ongoing on Hong Kong Island, in Kowloon and various suburbs of the New Territories since 9 June 2019. Clashes have taken place between police and protesters following otherwise peaceful protest activities. Demonstrations have mostly taken place on weekends and public holidays and are likely to continue.

There is currently no impact on our trips to Hong Kong and our itineraries are running as normal. We are continuing to monitor the advice of local authorities, including the locations of planned and unplanned protests and ensuring that we avoid any demonstrations and large public gatherings.

Planned protests are continuing to take place at Hong Kong International Airport and have so far not disrupted flights. Airport authorities advise that passengers should leave sufficient time for travelling to the airport, and check their flight status on the Hong Kong International Airport website.

In recent weeks, several large-scale political demonstrations have taken place in Central Moscow. Some protests have not been given police authorisation and are considered by local authorities to be illegal, with large numbers of protestors arrested. Demonstrations are likely to continue to take place in Moscow, particularly on weekends. 

There has been no impact on our trips to Russia and all itineraries are continuing to run as normal. Travellers should avoid any large public gatherings or demonstrations when visiting Moscow. 

Heavy rains have resulted in flooding in many districts of Kerala & Karnataka states, affecting road and train travel and temporarily closing Cochin (Kochi) International Airport. All travellers are safe and some itineraries have been rerouted to avoid affected areas. We are continuing to monitor weather and local conditions and any changes to trips currently running will be communicated to travellers on the ground by their tour leaders. There is no impact to upcoming trips at this time. 

Following the arrest of former President Atambayev there have been a number of demonstrations and some civil unrest, including some violent incidents in and around Bishkek. Political tensions remain, and further demonstrations and disturbances may occur. There has been no impact on our trips to Kyrgzystan and all itineraries are continuing as planned. We will continue to follow advice of local authorities to avoid any affected areas of the city. 

On Tuesday 6 August a car bomb collided with other vehicles, triggering an explosion in central Cairo. Twenty people have been reported killed and 47 injured.

All of our group, leaders, and local staff are safe. All itineraries in Egypt will continue to run as scheduled.

Any minor changes to itineraries will be managed on the ground by our operations team based on the advice of local authorities and will be communicated through your group leader.

Our local office is constantly monitoring local Ministry of Tourism updates and has regional advisors to keep them abreast on events. We will continue to monitor the situation through our local operations team in Cairo along with government foreign travel advisories.

If you have any questions, please contact your booking agent.

Heavy rains along the south coast of have caused severe flooding in the Sihanoukville area of Cambodia. All our travellers are safe. We are assessing local conditions and contingency plans for alternative routes will be put in place for upcoming groups due to visit Sihanoukville until it is safe to return.