A journey to the Arctic or Antarctic is unlike anything else on earth. 

No matter whether you're visiting the southern or northern extremes of our planet, there's something about these white landscapes that captures the imaginations of even the most hardened travellers. Cast adrift to the extremes of the earth and discover great white landscapes full of icy inlets and frozen coves. Experience the rush of setting foot on some of the world's most remote terrain, witness brilliant natural phenomena and come to terms with the sheer size and scale of our planet's polar regions.

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Seal lays on ice in Antarctica


Antarctica is one of the few places in the world that still exists in pretty much its natural state. Venture to the southernmost tip of the planet to watch penguins courting as far as the eye can see, seals sleeping on ice floes and whales blowing water as they surface. Conquer the Drake Passage and set your eyes on dramatic contrasts while learning about a place that has united countries and belongs to no one.  

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Cliff face is illuminated at sunset in the Arctic

The Arctic

Realm of the mighty polar bear and the renowned Northern Lights – the Arctic Circle is the final frontier before the long journey to the North Pole. It’s a challenging world populated by musk oxen, walruses and narwhals; where communities have a long history of surviving off the sea. Explore untouched coastal areas, icy oceans and tiny settlements and discover one of the most biologically diverse parts of the world.

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