Welcome to Asia, the most populous, energetic and contradictory continent on earth. Across one vast landmass you’ll find sci-fi skyscrapers and whitewashed mountain monasteries, honking moped shoals and silent Taoist temples, neon cityscapes and saffron-clad monks bent in prayer. If you’ve come for the familiar, you’re in for a surprise. When you’re munching deep-fried grasshoppers with white pepper in Thailand, riding across the Mongolian tundra, exploring the rice paddy fields in Bali and swimming with Burmese sea-gypsies, you begin to understand: this place is where ordinary goes to die.

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Vietnam Family Holiday , August 2018

Huw Evans

Indian Getaway, July 2018

Terrence James and Pelepesite Tuaopepe and Monckton

Scenic Vietnam, August 2018

julie manville

Cambodia Adventure, August 2018

Ela Genc

Bangkok to Singapore, August 2018

Jeffrey Riggs

Northern India Family Holiday , August 2018

Stephen Davies

Wild Mongolia, June 2018

Carol Rolley

Vietnam Express Southbound, August 2018

Katrina Labun

Classic Borneo, August 2018

Robyn Clarke

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